MODEL TPM (Trolling Plus Medium) Gold


STEADY HYPNOTIC VIBRATIONS and SPECIFIC ACOUSTIC EFFECTS trigger TROPHY FISH attacks at SOLID 60 FEET TROLLING DEPTH! Compact Patented design incorporates multiple lure technologies and does not require using HEAVY DUTY GEAR. Unique HYDRODYNAMIC PROFILE has very little drag that ELIMINATES UNDESIRABLE “ride up to the surface” or “spinning” consequences. FAST SINKING delivery without sacrificing any of the vibration provides exceptional fresh and salt waters VERTICAL JIGGING performance even at SIGNIFICANT DEPTHS. Powerful potential to submerge and pull UMBRELLA RIGS.

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Salt water safe stainless steel body.
1.4mm stainless steel spring wire.
Additional loop for optional double hook installation.
Eco-Friendly head/weight (no Lead alloy).
Top quality lure components – eyes, stickers and split rings.

Color: Gold head. Gold spoon. Red eyes.
Weight: 2.89oz (82gr) +/- 10%.
Length: 4.5in (114.3mm).
Treble hook: Galvanized VMC #2/0.


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